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The Great Gig in the Sky

June 9, 2009

“I think its time we compiled a list of places that we shouldn’t go.” – Maximo Park.

So here I sit, listening to Pink Floyd and Jazz music. I mindlessly go from thought to thought, and occasionally write. Yet as each thought rises from my mind it becomes too vague to exist outside me, and it dissipates. To grasp at it, is to destroy it outright, to let it go, is to let it drift away into the abyss of the physical world. I am here again, at the point I always come to, the point of reflecting on the mirror’s surface, the knowledge of knowledge, the knowledge of self.

In the name of unquenchable desire for knowledge many realms of thought have been explored and perhaps invented using this vague ancient defense as validation. Yet, as we focus our telescopes on the sky and trail our microscopes across strange alien fungi, we forget where knowledge comes from, to where it goes, and why we desire it to begin with.

We desire knowledge because we desire things like us – we desire ourselves. This is why we cherish such qualities as freedom and equality – the ability to make one’s self and to make others be like you. The greatest scientific discoveries in the world have always been immediately followed with questions that escape the realm of science. Until recently, this was a shame to even scientists.

Yet, this post is not an attack on science (like most of my others), it is instead an attack on everything – perhaps out of some metaphysical angst that must manifest itself as anger in order to make my feeble flawed soul feel empowered like some ancient Greek warrior. But none the less, I lash out violently at the entirety of my generation, in the process scourging myself.

How oft I failed to stop and understand my own argumentation. How oft have I walked the tight-rope between logic and emotion claiming clemency from either attack on the basis of its counter point. I am, after all, a lingual illusionist. The David Blaine of philosophers. The Criss Angel of poetics. Have I garnered anything but applause from my audience, who seeing the trick are convinced of magic, yet go home knowing that it can’t be true – despite any emotional response.

Just like everyone else when I finally settle back upon myself I cannot put a finger on where I am. (Anyone who tells you differently is one of two things. A liar, or an idiot). Yet, like most people I still claim a ‘selfhood’ to which I am obligated to be ‘genuine’. The tension between these two ideas gives the birth of such beautiful concepts as freedom, free will, and choice. I am concrete that changes. The result is the amazing ability to stroke the passions regardless of logic, and then collapse back into a world of 1+1 justifications. Proof. Poof.

The greatest pleasures arise from this tension and furthermore by this tension is magnified like an echo chamber. This equality of opposites within our souls allows the passions to win just often enough to make us miss it when its gone. Then in its victorious return it is all the more glorious. Furthermore, I am not entirely sure that this is a necessarily bad thing, but rather a misdirected good. Part of me wants to embrace this passionate side and perfect its music – while another part, the equality of reason, demands I embrace something “higher” – an emotion that is not without its own pleasure.

The result of continued friction and tension is, of course, orgasm. The release of the self in favor of one or the other. In the release there is always simultaneous guilt and pleasure, immortality and death, love and hate. The person is either truest or most false in the midst of this orgasm wherein the ‘pure’ form of the two sides is most dominant. But in so doing, in so stepping into purity, we have betrayed the things that got us there – the tension of two opposites. So have we become more pure by dissolving one side in favor of the other – or have we become less human because we have too much clarity. Perhaps we add this to the list of places we shouldn’t go. Perhaps we draw a map and mark it with an x. Perhaps we just sit here and listen to The Great Gig in the Sky.


A Call For Philosophic Responsibility

November 3, 2008

Deconstructionists are just the thinkers who didn’t take the last step of post-modernism. We deconstruct to construct – not to simply leave everything a mess once we have found it. The brilliant mind of the deconstructionist is wasted the moment they fail to describe common every day experiences (which they all fail to). They are philosophic vacuum cleaners who simply suck. Worst of all they claim to be the ultimate Socratic thinkers (so proud of their questioning ability) but these folks probably haven’t read any of Socrates’ works.

Why the sudden attack you ask. Why target these people over any other philosophic disaster in the past 100 years? Because they have become the group most associated with philosophy and they have made people hate it. It is the deconstructionist who isolates the philosopher with his own language (jargon) to make philosophy exclusive and to push others out. Then, once he is on the outside, to validate his own mental superiority he casts stones at the common man trying to deconstruct his house. Meanwhile he validates his vicious action with self-supporting pseudo philosophic arguments on “seeking truth” and “not being ignorant” while he, all the while, never devotes himself to any meaning, truth, or wisdom.

Thus people yell at me, having a degree in philosophy, and say that I am one of these arrogant pricks who can’t even relate to the common man. I’m Aristotelian for Christ’s sake! My philosophy is so routed in common day phenomena that it is mostly useless in any theoretical sense. I enjoy active and lively debate with people – not tearing their world asunder. So why do I get this label? Because questions have become weapons and it’s the fault of the deconstructionist; every 16 year old who saw the Matrix and decided to become a philosophy major. Questions, rather than being a useful tool for self discovery, have become a weapon aimed outward to cause doubt and the only purpose of philosophy becomes to ask these questions while dodging others. The easiest and simplest of all ways to achieve this is to become a man without a philosophy, believing in nothing except whatever you choose and then tearing down other people’s universal dogma’s because you’re so wise as to simply create your own dogmas rather than accept others.

I have no problem with people believing what they want – including deconstructionists – but do they have to be so aggressive and in other people’s faces. Some of my close friends have been deconstructionists – but quiet ones. This is no longer fashionable however, because it means a life of pain, searching, and inward questioning – not exactly what most people like to sign themselves up for. Deconstructionists, for the most part, become these self-righteous assholes who go around destroying people’s philosophic, religious, and political beliefs for fun and amusements as well as to make themselves feel better.

So I have a point… believe it or not. It has nothing to do with deconstructionists because I have lost all hope in reasoning with them. It has everything to do with other people interested in philosophy. Don’t listen to them. Have beliefs, strong ones, ones about truth and beauty, ones that are above reason and logic but rooted in everyday life. Hold those beliefs and defend those beliefs on your own terms. Don’t let people define the meaning of reason and logic to pin you into an argument you weren’t even trying to have. Be firm under stupid questioning and most of all believe in philosophy the LOVE of WISDOM. If philosophers have to hide behind jargon to win an argument they aren’t worth having conversations with. These are not Socratic thinkers despite their masks. These are misologists – the haters of reason. Go forth and construct something new. If you must deconstruct then do so but only as a transition – only to build something new. And eventually together we will build a new hopeful philosophy.


Truth –

May 13, 2008

the truth will set you free – unless of course it enslaves you.


The Heart has Its Reason….

March 13, 2008

Why do we think we can control reason any more than we can control our emotions?

Why do we place more trust in what it has to tell us?