Axiom II

August 23, 2009

Whatever that is out there to find that makes you happy, content, fulfilled, or curious comes from inside you. If you find anything that does so outside of you, it is because it reflects something that was inside you from the beginning.



  1. explain?

  2. I find this to be absolutely true. I do have one quibble: “Happiness” cannot be truly defined as a positive, that is, one can only be happy within the confines of a forgetting, a negation of something. Can a truly human(e) person be happy *if* he is aware of the suffering of others?

    • Of course… or so my everyday experience tells me. The question seems to me: “SHOULD” we be happy if we know other people are suffering? It seems people are happy while knowing others are suffering all the time. A host of other things come into play as well, like do we have any control over their suffering. If not, then perhaps making their suffering hold us back isn’t really all that good.

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