The Manifest Destiny Reunion Tour

April 27, 2009

Voting is a mechanism invented so people can distance themselves from responsibility. Voters never really DO anything they just vote for people who do things. Those people, in turn, say that they do everything FOR the voters. In the end when shit goes down, each sides points to each other until the next election when everything is “changed” by electing a “different type” of president. Another example of great and wonderful American Democracy.



  1. What is the relationship between responsibility and power? Can a sole arbiter be held responsible by anyone other than himself? Isn’t a multiplicity inherently necessary for responsibility of action? Is what you point to a weakness in the system or in those which make up the system?

    • It is, I agree, the fault of the people who make up the system. But what good is a system that does not take into acount the faults of the people that make it up? Is democracy any better than communism… good on paper with no actual way of asserting its ideals in reality. As it turns out, I feel, the people of a Monarchy actually more way of asserting their responibility in government by revolting and killing the monarch. Atleast what they ended up with following was different despite the sameness of the regime.

  2. fair enough. responsibility in the people. so long as the people care to be responsible.

    • People rarely care to be responsible I find. Such is the error in Democracy and all other ideological regimes.

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