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February 26, 2009

I have a need to update. But I am passionless. Why do I desire something without having the necessary qualities to establish that thing into being?


Much Ado About Nothing II

February 19, 2009

Nothing can only exist if there is a something in relation to it to define its absence. Likewise if two somethings exist as separate entities then nothing must exist in a form of being between them. Thus, either things always were hence time never was OR things originated out of nothing and hence why we experience time.

In reality both are true in different senses. We did arrive from nothing in some sense but always were in another thus validating (circularly) my understanding of nothing in its relation to being. Parts of us come from nothing and parts of us may be closer related to nothing that things as we know them. This also validates (circularly) my understanding of humanity as inwardly contradictory beings that are irreconcilably split and best understood through metaphor rather than pure reason.

Thus what I say might not be right, but it is at least internally coherent and thus I am happy… for now.


Three Years Coming

February 18, 2009

I get it. I finally get it.

Bauerian philosophy is not one of deconstruction but one of understanding. It is an observation, as such, based on all forms of understanding (reasoning, sense data, common sense, and finally faith). It is not, as he glibly puts it to new initiates, that our senses are tricking us or that there is an illusion involved but rather that there is complexity and contradiction.

All our senses are composed of a duality – the stimuli coming from outside us and the internalization as such. Our eyes, for instance, take in light (external) and then feed electrons to our brain making us perceive color (internal) when indeed the world outside the eye is dark, colorless, and void.

The same goes with hearing, smell, taste, and touch. The ways in which we understand things outside us are different than their internalized form. (This is nothing new). However this cannot be considered a proof for an illusory world because this existence only holds water when an externalized force brings us these confusions. Because there is contradiction then we know both sides must be equally existent because we get the proof of one’s error from the other’s understanding. If held in contradiction in this way then neither can be said to be untrue for the only thing that subverts their existence is the existence of another thing so intimately attached the first that without one there can be no other…

I think…


Peter Pan Syndrome

February 12, 2009

What is it about growing older that makes it simultaneously painful and yet somehow uplifting? Why does everyone defend childhood so much? Innocence (ignorance of evil)? Nobody wants to grow up anymore. Makes one think this might be a problem.


Much Ado About Nothing

February 4, 2009

“Note this before my notes: There’s not a note of mine that’s worth the noting.” – Balthasar

Metaphysical angst – or even dread – stems from a fear of nothingness either after death or in reality. It is, in some respects, the problem of post-modern thinkers. These thinkers use this dread as either cause for their beliefs or fuel to power the machine of the human will. In reality it is, as Tim Holmes puts it, the residue of an ex nihilo creation and thus is proof of our origins as created being. Unless there was some time of actual nothingness imbedded in our human soul then such thoughts would be discarded as imaginary or unthinkable. But deep within us our ancestral memory reminds of us of our beginning.


Dawkins, Miller, and Bauer

February 4, 2009

The problem is not whether science and religion mix or whether they are contradictory. This is trivial. The problem is that they need to be integrated into one way of thinking. The material and the metaphysical cannot be categorized into different studies lest they be completely disconnected from the actuality of things. When science compartmentalizes it removes itself from any form of truth by negating the most important questions. When metaphysical studies compartmentalize they fail to understand the explanations that our senses give us and fail to take in all possible evidence. There must be a synthesis of the two into a third. More on this later.