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Give Thy Thoughts No Tongue

September 22, 2008

A question was recently brought to me by the mind of HollyMatrin on the nature of public and private property and the nature of thought. Most importantly, and at the heart of his comments, where do these two notions meet? The answer to which must remain far from our minds until we pin down what exactly the phenomenon of public property entails and what our concept of ‘ideas’ entail. First let us begin with the less mundane… the world of ideas.

Ideas are solely private phenomena. You can never share, give, or even steal an idea from anyone unless it is committed to an external media: speech, writing, etc. Unlike some other forms of property ideas are completely invisible and undetectable outside of your mind unless you will it to become external from you. The question is whether or not this choice to externalize thoughts makes the thoughts public.

On the other end of things you also have this question: Is it possible to NOT steal an idea? Once the idea or thought is committed to an external source and you obtain it from that external source is their anyway you can opt not to steal it. If the idea is a good one you would want to keep it and make it part of your own philosophy and if the idea is bad then you would want to use it as an especially poor example of those things that you do not believe in. Once you internalize the external media into your mind is the idea yours or not? If not, then aren’t we demanding our ideas be stolen… asking for them to be stolen… by putting them on external media. We cannot logically expect that after we say something it won’t be repeated, changed, or amended after our saying it by the ears that hear it. Can such be considered stealing? Or is it merely the nature of man?

So we have two extremes: The first is the thinker who comes up with the idea who willingly reveals that internal phenomena to external listeners (through speech in this example). On the other we have the listener who, if he is functioning in accordance with human nature, will internalize that external media and bring it into himself in some way. Yet, unlike in most cases of theft, the idea remains also within the original thinkers head. Can you even steal what somebody still owns after your done? We shall throw this thought aside as a mistake of language rather than an actual aid in our discussion. What we call ‘stealing’ cannot at all be used to describe this phenomenon but perhaps plagiarism or some other word could. So we remove this criticism even as it leaves my mind onto this page.

What plagiarism and stealing have in common is the idea of property. Property relies on a concept of ownership which is derived by some method of taking something to be one’s own and nobody else’s. When a person owns a thing they decide its destiny by matter of law not by nature necessarily. So hence we step away from nature while keeping it in mind. Our investigation so far has shown that ideas are naturally internal and their external manifestation is natural and perhaps even the impulse to take those ideas and make them our own is natural but such does not necessarily determine law. With that thought permanently etched into the internet, I will retire and leave whatever readers to ponder our procession thus far, but I advise anyone who questions, contemplates, or even discusses this post outside of this forum to realize what their reaction may say about the nature of this post. Even as your eyes travel across this field of letters can you be thought of as a thief?


Things That Give Me Hope In Humanity Part II

September 22, 2008

“It is so nice to be awake and asleep at the same time.”

It is these sorts of unintelligible sentences that immediately irk my sense of contradiction yet hold a truth. Perhaps there is not such a schism between our notion of awake and asleep… perhaps one can be both. It still remains to be seen whether such a state could be profitable but simply hearing this counterintuitive sentence as a truth has awakened within me an important question. I think it is somehow linked to radical freedom, consciousness, and perhaps even thought.

I wonder if she even knows she said it… or if it had this sort of effect on me… or perhaps she thinks it was just a dream she had.


Things That Increase My Hope For Humanity Part I

September 19, 2008

Setting: Starbucks, late afternoon \ early evening, a mother and daughter are waiting for their drinks. Daughter is yelling things.

The mother says: “Honey, you can’t just say that. Words are important. Just because you’re joking that doesn’t give you the right to say it.”

Few people I have met defend the important use of language like this. Perhaps it is because she is a mother. I wonder if she follows her own example away from the children. I think as a society we need to push this issue more though. Far too many people get away with “I was just kidding” to mask a deep seeded dislike or inherent implied insult. Jokes, after all, are based in reality… and so are words. Would it really tax our brains that much if we made an effort to use words more appropriately?

Disclaimer: I am not saying that humor isn’t important, nor that one SHOULDN’T tell jokes, but that saying “I was only kidding” shouldn’t be a scapegoat when someone’s feelings are hurt. I am merely advocating a responsible use of language.


The Difference Between Learning History and Living Through It

September 11, 2008

There is a drink called the Pearl Harbor. I was musing today on when they would come up with a drink called the Twin Towers and I got yelled at. Yet there is a drink called the Pearl Harbor and nobody even cares.

People use terms like “Too Soon” in terms of “Its too soon to make jokes, or to talk about something” yet those same people will say jokes about old events as if the distance between then and now affects the appropriateness of the statement. People use terms like “Too Soon” and they don’t even care.

It is already 7 years later. That means the people born that year are 7. The people that went to first grade that year are 12. The 12 year olds are 19. Those who were in college already have families. How long will it be until nobody remembers. Until nobody attends memorial ceremonies. Until a lone woman dressed in black mourns at a graveyard. Not too much longer. It is already 7 years later and nobody seems to care.


Can Friendship Survive Alaska?

September 10, 2008

You know that part of life where all your friends start leaving… well I’m there and feeling completely uninspired to write anything. Suggestions?


This is all Palin’s fault. Damn you sexy republicans.