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We, too, know how to split ourselves but only into the flesh and a broken whisper.

March 31, 2008

Questions take two forms: those which aim to destroy and those which aim to create. They both claim to love wisdom, but only one does. Man, on the other hand can love one but not both. If he even claims to┬ábe a lover of both then he must be revealed as a simpleton whose hopes outweigh his ability to understand reality. This is the paradigm which our children are raised – to believe that all questions have the same purpose and can be loved equally is to fail to understand the basic human instincts which first made us speak – the ability which eventually led us to questions and our love of them. Questions like all things are motivated by desire, and those desires taint, shape, and distort the form and answers of any questions. Hence we have armed the next generation with a blissful ignorance about the inherent unity of language – a unity that doesn’t exist outside the theoretical imaginations of bookworms and academics.


I believe my liver is diseased…

March 27, 2008

Can the man of faith and the man of reason live side by side?

Surely I do not know. But what I do know is this – Throughout history they have died side by side.


Bumper Stickers, Stupid Mantras, and The Douchbags Who Put Them on Their Car

March 18, 2008

I saw a bumper sticker today. It read: “Question Authority”. I thought, “Who does that bumper sticker think he is?!”. Having diligently completed the task it assigned me, I continued on my way to work.


The Heart has Its Reason….

March 13, 2008

Why do we think we can control reason any more than we can control our emotions?

Why do we place more trust in what it has to tell us?


To Expostulate Why Day is Day, Night Night, and Time is Time, Were Nothing But To Waste Night, Day, and Time

March 12, 2008

Reality only happens once. It makes little difference whether it’s a dream, or a thought, or a reality – whatever it is only happens once. Chance and probability are theoretical of the future, and assumptions of the past. To assume that anything could’ve happened differently is to assume the past is the present. We live in the light of things that have happened and looking toward the shadows of the future. Let us not waste time wondering if we have a choice or not – for reality only happens once – and if it is predetermined then there is no use feeling misery, nor pity, nor depression for such is a prideful claim that there is a better way than the way things are. Let things be what they are – and kindly shut up so the rest of us can read.


A Friendly Eye Could Never See Such Faults

March 11, 2008

Brief moments of clarity often lead to a lifetime of insanity. The vision of truth unscathed can do nothing but make a man hungry for a food he cannot gather or hunt. He must deliberately harvest and wait for the fortunes of the weather. How can one avoid getting mad at oneself for such a short coming of the human race? Then again, what is the point of anger? Inspiration comes not from anger but from madness – letting your mind go into the wilderness of impossibilities. But what good is such wanderings if you do not return home? That is the question we face, for we are an all or nothing tribe. It is either madness or sanity – you are either one or the other – this or that – black or white. I reject such a notion and say that the mean between the two is the path of virtue. Be neither a slave to reason nor the master of absurdity. Such seems to be the truth – at least for now.


Equations that will make people angry – but may be true

March 10, 2008

Government – God = Survival of the fittest

God – Philosophy = Heresy

Philosophy – Poetry = Theory

Poetry – Truth = Gibberish

Gibberish + Philosophy = Ideology

Ideology + God = Fanaticism

Fanaticism + Government = Genocide